Turn Your USB Printer Into Wireless Printer

If you’re using a regular wired USB printer, you already know how irritating and tiring it is to print some pages on your printer. If your laptop isn’t near the printer, you got to take it, connect the USB cable to it, turn on the printer and send your file to print. All this process might take few precious minutes from our work.

Wireless Printer Server

Wireless Printer Server Device

New Wireless Printer

New Wireless Printer can be a great solution for people who want to save time while printing. Wireless printers work washout any wires or cables. After an easy and fast setup, you can start sending files to print from any place at home or office.

Wireless printers are the near future solution for printing, same as the wired mouse almost gone and most of us already use wireless mouse. It’s good to catch up with the technology from time to time.

Moreover, these days the prices of new wireless printers is pretty fair. You can find wireless printers starting from $50 for simple ink wireless printers. So, our first solution for printing fast without getting to your printer is buying a wireless printer.

Wireless Printer Server

If you can’t afford buying a new wireless printer, you can try this DIY solution using Wireless Printer Server.

The wireless printer server is an external device connected to your printer with standard USB cable. This device allow you to turn your wired USB printer into a wireless printer and send to print files to your regular printer fron anywhere after an east and fast setup.

As for the prices, most of the wireless printer servers are cheaper than a new wireless printer cost. Important note as for wireless printer servers: While searching and buyng it, check if the cables you get with the printer server compatible with your printer. If not, you might need to get a sutible adapter to connect the printer server with your regular printer.

Using Your Router To Turn Your Wired Printer Into Wireless Printer

Our third and last solution is to use your internet ISP router or an old router into wireless printer server device. Of course, in this case, you need some extra technological skills, but you can find great guides on the internet to do it. It’s not complicted as it seems.

This free solution can save you money and make your work easy. But (There’s always be ‘but’) in this case, you need to place your regular printer near your router point, so you’ll be able to connect between the two devices.

Printing in a Digital World

Last thing as for this wireless printers or generally printing – If you don’t have to print – avoid it.

There are many solutions which help you avoiding printing, spending papers, spending Ink and making the world a clean place for our children. Every printed page counts. Try to find other options instead of printing your files if your really don’t have to print it.

For example, if you get a file and you need to sign it or fill it, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit, fill, sign and send files free without printing it. it’s easy and simple.